Day One: 4/11/2019

The 15th Arabcab Conference was held in the Kingdom of Jordan between the period of the 4th and 6th of November, under the theme of “The Reconstruction of the Arab World” the Conference opened on the night of the 4th with a dinner that was hosted at the host hotel the Fairmont Amman, where guests enjoyed a networking dinner.

Day Two: 5/11/2019

The second day of the conference started with the first speakers session opening by a word from Arabcab’s Secretary-General, Mr. Hamid Al Zayani and in it he introduced the Conference speakers and the conference agenda for this year, and thanked Jordan’s prime minister doctor Omar Razzaz for sponsoring the conference, as well as thanking his excellency Dr. Tariq AlHamouri, minister of trade, industry, and supplies for attending the conference on behalf of the prime Minister.

This was followed by a presentation from Eng. Zeyad Alsaaydeh -director of rural electrification directorate in the ministry of energy and mineral resources in Jordan, in which he talked about Jordan’s efforts in the energy and electricity sector as well as its future plans

After that spoke Mr. Fathi Jughbhair from the Jordan and Amman chamber of commerce, in his speech he spoke about the importance of joint Arab work and cooperation and the challenges that this kind of work faces.

This was followed by a speech by his excellency the minister, Dr. Tariq Alhamouri, in which he spoke about the important role that technology can play in the cable industry and enhancing innovation, and offered Jordan’s full support for joint Arabian work and any work that can be conducted in Jordan.

The guests then broke out for a coffee break with was followed by a speech by Dr. Mohammed AlHalaiqah, Former Deputy prime minister of Jordan, in his speech he spoke about the reconstruction process on some parts of the Arab world and the financial implication of this process in each country, he also stressed out the importance of the reconstruction of the human element in those countries and proposed that a joint Arab fund is created in order to help with this process.

After that, there was a keynote presentation from Mr. Gianni Kovacevic, CEO of the copper bank in which he highlighted modern trends in industry and technology, and how these trends are evolving and the opportunities that are there in investing in the sourcing and production of copper.

This was followed by a speech by Ms. Mirna Salatya from the European Bank for reconstruction and development, in which she showcased the bank’s efforts to grow human and industrial resources, and how they operate as a bank

And last for the day was a speech by Mr. Christian Mildner from the London Metal Exchange, who explained how the LME operates and the different safeguards it has in place, and how members can work with the LME.

The day concluded with a visit to the Amman Arabian connection center, and some of Amman’s site before a traditional dinner hosted in Reem AlBawadi restaurant.


Day Three: 6/11/2019

The third day of the Conference, started with a speech by Eng. Yacoub Marar – Director of the Renewable Energy department in Jordan’s ministry of energy and mineral resources, in his presentation, he highlighted Jordan’s efforts and numerous success in sustainable and green energy.

This was followed by a presentation from Andrea Valentini from Argus Media, who spoke about their analysis of the cable industry in the middle east and north Africa region, and their positive outlook for the industry, as well as the opportunities that are there for the cable industry in countries that are undergoing reconstruction efforts.

After that spoke Mr. Eric Le Roux, from Oddo BHF on how Oddo works with cable manufactures and the services that they provide.

Finally, Mr. Bahaa Shaban from Borouge spoke about the importance of critical analysis in the cable industry and showed some models on how different cable manufacturers can analyze their market factors and enhance their odds of success.

The General Committee meeting was held afterward, and in the meeting, a lot of important matters were discussed related to the latest developments in the cable industry and how the Arab Cable Manufacturers can work together on these matters.

The conference concluded with a visit to the Dead Sea Panorama area.