The 13th Arab Cable Manufacturers Conference

Day One: 23/10/2017

The 13th Arabcab Conference was held In the Arabian Republic of Egypt, between the period of the 23rd and the 25th of October, the guests started arriving on Monday the 23rd of October, and were treated to a welcome dinner and show in the host hotel and on the banks of the Nile River,

Day Two: 24/11/2017

The second day of the Confrence started in the host hotel, the Hilton Luxor Resort and Spa with the first speaker’s session being opened by a word from Mr. Hamid Al Zayani and in it he introduced the Confrence speakers and the Confrence agenda for this year, and discussed latest changes in the region.

This was followed by a speech by Eng. Ahmed El Sewedy, who also welcomed the guests to the Confrence and to Egypt, and showcased El Sewedy’s group’s latest achievements, a video was also shown highlighting el Sewedy’s foundation academy and how it helps to develop and employ talents Egypt and create job opportunities.

After that there was a speech by Mr. Philip Radebourne, from Integer Research, in which he outlined the conference’s main topic which of opportunities facing the cable manufacturers in the region, he then highlighted market trends and spoke in brief about the north African cable market, as well as both the challenges and opportunities facing the cable industry in the region.

This was followed by a speech by Mr. Dider Lachenal from EDF Group, highlighting the latest trends in the power industry and how it poses an opportunity for cable manufacturers

the guests then took a short coffee break, and the second speakers session commenced shortly after.

It started by Dr.Mohammed AlKhayyat, Executive Chairman of the new and renewable energy authority in Egypt, outlining Egypt’s plans for its renewable energy and the opportunities this presents for investors and cable manufacturers in the region.

This was followed by a speech by Mr. Mohammed Moselhy, senior business consultant for Honeywell international middle east, in which he spoke about systems and companies that can help the manufacturers reduce their energy consumptions, helping them in return to enhance their profit margins.

Finally, Mr. Lunfai Lai, General Manager of UL Laboratories spoke about how Finger printing can help manufacturers differentiate their products and create a reliable system for quality proofing.

His speech concluded the speakers for the day, and the guests then went for lunch and a networking session

In the evening, the guests were taken by local horse chariots to attend a private sound and light show at the magnificent temple of Karnak, the show was then followed by a dinner inside the temple and a folklore band performance.

Day Three : 25/11/2017

The third day of the Conference, started with a speech by a speech by Mr. Bahaa Shabaan from Borouge, in which he spoke about the latest developments that Borouge has made and how they are venturing into new markets, as well as how they can help cable manufacturers achieve their objectives.

This was followed by a speech by Mr. Amr. N Osman, CEO and Chairman of Logic Holding, in which he spoke about family businesses and the importance of having the right structure to ensure a company’s success and progression.

Finally, Mr. Mohammed Abu Basha, Mena Economist of EFG Hermes Financial Planning Group spoke about Egypt’s new policies and the changes in its market trend, as well the expected future directions that that the country is planning to take.

That concluded the speaker’s session, and the guests went for a short coffee break before the start of the members only general committee session

The General Committee meeting was held to discuss matters related to Arabcab and its members, in it guests agreed to hold the next Arabcab Conference in Lebanon, and discussed the financial situation of Arabcab and common issues facing the industry, the topic of next year’s Confrence will be financial institutions and how they can play a part in supporting the industry

The final part of the Confrence was a lunch held on traditional boats sailing the Nile River, and a trip to the ancient tombs in the vally of the kings, the guests then returned to the hotel where they started heading back home after another impressive Confrence.