The 11th Arabcab Conference Report

The 11th Arabcab conference was held between the 26th and the 28th of October of 2015, in Tunis, the capital of Tunisia, and specially at the Residence Hotel in the Gammarth Area, the confrere dealt with the issue of Energy conservation as well as the most important issues related to the cable Industry in the Arab World.

Day 1: 26-10-2015

Registration Started on Monday the 26th , with guests checking in and confirming their registration in the conference, this was followed by an outdoors dinner in the host hotel which featured some traditional Tunisian music played by a live band.

Day 2: 27-10-2015

The conference activities started at 10AM on the second day, with a speech by Mr. Hamid AlZayani on Behalf of the Arab Cable Manufactures Association, in it he welcomed the guests and praised the Tunisia and its people for setting an example on how to peacefully transfer to democracy, he also stressed the importance of the conference’s topic which is energy conservation and thanked the sponsors and speakers for participating in the event.

This was followed by a speech by Mr. Moncef AlSellami, on behalf of one tech group, in which he thanked the participants for attending the conference and welcomed them in Tunisia, and also stressed the importance of the topic of Energy Conservation

The First speakers session ended with a speech by Tunisian Minister of Industry,  His Excellency Mr. Zakarya Hamad, in which he spoke about Tunisia’s efforts to support industry and energy conservation, and presented the opportunities that the country has to offer.

After that the guests took a short break and members of the media got the chance to ask the members some questions.

This was followed by the start of the second speakers session, which  started by a speech by Eng Sabah Al Mashaly, on behalf of the Egyptian electricity ministry, in which she showcased Egypt’s efforts in energy conservation and development.

After that, Eng Mohammed AlSitri spoke on behalf of Bahrain’s Electricity and Water authority, and he presented Bahrain’s latest efforts in energy conservation.

Finally, Ambassador Ahmed Mahmood from the Gulf Cooperation Council, spoke about the latest developments in the Yemeni Situation, and the opportunities that will be presented to the cable industry once the rebuilding of Yemen commences.

The delegate then took some time to discuss the topics presented, before heading off for lunch.

This was followed by a visit to the historic sites in Carthage, in which the guests got to learn a little bit on the history of the capital Tunis, before heading to the sea side area of Sidi Bousaid to participate in the dinner held at Dar AlZarrouk, and hosted by the One Tech Group.

Day 3: 28-10-2015

The Activities of the third day began with a speech from Mr. Phillip Radebourne from integer research, in which he presented the latest development in the Arab Cable market, and explained the trends in the market.

This was followed by a speech by Mr. Eric Le Roux from societe general bank, who spoke about the most recent development in the price of raw material used in the manufacturing of cables such as copper and Aluminum.

And Finally Mr. Nael Noueiri from Macquarie Bank, spoke about the London Metals Exchange and the recent changes in the prices of Aluminum and the reasons behind it.

This was followed by a quick break and then the start of the Arabcab General Committee meeting

In the meeting, it was confirmed that the Kingdom of Bahrain will be the host of next year’s  conference, and the Kingdom of Jordan will be the host of the 2017 Conference, members also agreed on a suitable topic for the next year and discussed the major recommendations and decisions made in the 2015 conference. as well as the overall state of Arabcab and how to improve its role in the industry

After that the members took a lunch break, which was followed by a visit to the Bardo Museum, which is considered a symbol of Tunisia’s history and defiance.

Finally  the guests took a visit to the Old Souk of Tunisia, before ending the day with a dinner that was held in the historic ElSarraya Restaurant in the middle of the capital

And with that concluded the activities of the 11th Arabcab Conference.